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What Should I Do After a Car Accident In NYC

What Should I Do After a NYC Car Accident

After a car accident in NYC Take Matthew Haicken’s advice and check that no one is injured, then assess for damage. If a driver or passenger is injured and there are no other cars around to take them to the hospital, be prepared to drive them yourself.

List of What to Do After a Car Accident

  • The best thing to do is call 911. Your health and safety is most important. Be careful about exiting your vehicle in the middle of a street. It is best to pull over to the side of the road if possible before exiting.
  • Get medical attention. Not only is this the best thing for your health, it’s also important for your case. Document, document, document. Assume that you are going to have to build a case for trial. One way for an insurance company to defend the suit is to say that the accident never happened. Another way is to say that your injuries are unrelated to your accident. The more documentation you can provide to prove that your car accident caused your injuries, the better.
  • Get the information of any other drivers at the scene. Take pictures of their license plate numbers and try to find out which insurance they have.
  • Speak with the police. If the police come to the scene, take pictures of the police officer and their badge. Remember the more information you get, the better. Find out which precinct the police are from.
  • Do not apologize, even if you think the accident may be partially your fault. It’s just like in criminal cases that you’ve seen on TV. Anything you say can be used against you later in court.
  • Get names and contact information of any witnesses. If you speak to a witness, but don’t get their name, they don’t exist.
  • Don’t speak to anyone from any insurance company. The people who work for insurance companies are sneaky. They’ll try to do anything and everything to hurt your case. It’s best to not answer and instead say you have an attorney.

To Be Safe After a NYC Car Accident

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