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Injured? Call the LAW TEAM:

Injured? Call the LAW TEAM:


Construction Site Accidents

$750,000 settlement for a union carpenter who only missed 3 days of work after his accident. The client was injured when a forty pound piece of sheetrock fell on his neck during an elevator repair. While he returned to work nearly immediately, he underwent a two level cervical fusion surgery 4 years later.

$27,500 for a 27 year old Queens woman who was hit by a football size piece of concrete that flew out of a construction site. Our client was standing on the street, waiting to enter a yoga class, when she was struck in the leg. Her only injury was a bruise.

Slip/Trip and Falls

$200,000 settlement for a Bronx child who tripped over her own feet, and landed on a broken tile in the hallway of her aunt’s apartment complex. The only injury was a scar on the left knee. The superintendent of the building admitted that he knew of the broken tile and was not sure why it had never been fixed. The child was only 3 years old at the time of the accident, and had just turned 6 when the case went to trial. The case settled after a jury had been selected, and the parties were about to commence opening statements.

$150,000 settlement for a Brooklyn woman who slipped and fell on a wet floor in a Manhattan pizza restaurant. There were no witnesses, and she did not go to the emergency room until 12 hours later. She sustained a torn meniscus that required surgery.

$100,000 for a Bronx woman who slipped and fell on a wet floor in a department store. She sustained a hairline wrist fracture, as well as a tear of the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex which necessitated surgery.

$30,000 for a New York City woman who slipped and fell on ice outside of a Manhattan restaurant and hit her head. There were no witnesses to the accident, and she did not go to the hospital until hours later. The ER report stated “No signs of concussion. No signs of confusion.” She never sought additional treatment and did not contact the LAW TEAM until 6 months after the accident.

$24,000 for a 70 year old Queens woman who tripped and fell over an uneven sidewalk in front of a commercial building. She sustained only a sprain, and went to only 12 visit therapy visits.

Car, Bicyle, and Motorcylce Accidents

$2,500,000 settlement for an injured bicyclist.  Our client was biking to work when he was “doored.”  The driver of a commercial van opened his door, hitting our client, sending him flying over his handlebars, crashing to the concrete.  He developed serious injuries to his hip, knee, and back, requiring numerous surgeries.

$175,000 settlement for a 26-year-old Brooklyn bicyclist who was hit by a plumbing company’s vehicle. Our client sustained a torn ACL and ultimately needed 2 surgeries. The case was turned down by another lawyer as “unwinnable.”

$150,000 settlement for a Nicaraguan immigrant who was hit by a car. Our client sustained a chipped tooth, a hairline wrist fracture, and a torn labrum that required surgery. The case was settled less than 18 months after the accident.

$125,000 for an undocumented Mexican immigrant hit by a car in Queens. Our client is deaf, mute, illiterate, and does not speak sign language. It is nearly impossible for him to communicate, and the insurance company initially claimed his inability to testify would lead to the case being dismissed. In fact, it ended up settling within 4 months of the accident, before any deposition testimony was taken. The defendant’s insurance company, Allstate, has a reputation of fighting every case tooth and nail, and hardly ever settles cases this early.

$100,000 for a 12-year old Brooklyn child who was hit by a car while riding his scooter. The child sustained a compound tibia/fibula fracture that necessitated emergency surgery. The at fault driver had only $50,000 of insurance, but the child was able to avail himself of his father’s underinsured motorist coverage even though the father lived in New Jersey and only saw the child intermittently. The settlement represented the maximum amount of all available insurance coverage and was obtained within 4 months of the accident.

$75,000 verdict after a three-day jury trial for a Brooklyn woman who was hit by a car as she was walking home from volunteering at a shelter for homeless youth. She sustained a torn meniscus and developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Her first attorney sat on the case for a year and did not even file a lawsuit. The LAW TEAM was able to take the case to verdict in less than 2.5 years. During the entire 2.5 year period, GEICO never offered more than $10,000.  The claims adjuster maintained that no one would believe the client was injured.

$50,000 for a Bronx family of four that was involved in a car accident while on vacation in Maryland. The at fault driver had no insurance. The LAW TEAM made a claim against the family’s own car insurance policy for Uninsured Motorist benefits. The claims adjuster initially took a “no pay” position as the family’s injuries would never have beaten New York’s Serious Injury Threshold. Once the LAW TEAM was able to prove that this law does not apply to accidents outside of New York, the case settled for the full value of the policy.

Animal Attacks

$35,000 for an 80 year old Yonkers woman who was knocked down by an out of control rotweiller. The dog did not bite her, but she sustained a dislocated thumb in the fall. The entire incident was witnessed by a Yonkers police officer who was forced to shoot and kill the dog as it dragged our client down the street. The settlement was paid for by the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance company.

Airplane Accidents

$27,500 for a New Jersey corporate lawyer who was injured on a commercial flight. A fellow passenger opened an overhead compartment and accidentally dropped a laptop on our client’s head. He later took a taxi to the ER, and did not seek any other treatment. There was no medical evidence of an injury. Under the Montreal Convention, the governing law of international air travel, airlines are not liable for the negligence of fellow passengers on domestic flights. For this reason, the case was rejected by Cellino & Barnes and Weitz & Luxenburg. The LAW TEAM was able to settle the case based a novel legal theory that the claims adjuster did not want to test.


$175,000 settlement for a 10 year old child who sustained a severed flexor tendon when one of his middle fingers came into contact with a jagged edge of a defective washing machine. Our investigation revealed that the owner of the laundromat where the accident occurred knew that several of his washing machines were falling apart. Instead of paying $50 per machine to replace the broken parts, he attempted a makeshift fix using duct tape. When the tape ultimately peeled off, it left a very sharp edge that injured our client. The settlement was obtained within 1 year of the accident.


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