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NYC Slip and Fall on Stairway or Escalator

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Stairway and escalator accidents are common in public areas throughout the NYC. These kinds of accidents can also occur at your home if you have stairs, an escalator or other stationary staircase that is not being properly maintained. Whether someone has fallen down a set of stairs or was injured riding an escalator (or chairlift, moving sidewalks/walkways, etc.), it is important to seek legal recourse from a stairway and escalator accident lawyer who can provide you with the best representation. At Haicken Law, PLLC , our New York City personal injury lawyers have helped many clients obtain damages for their injuries after a fall or trip down stairs or an escalator/lift.

If you’re dealing with a physical injury as the result of an accident on an escalator, chairlift, moving walkway or any other kind of stairway or stationary staircase, we can help investigate your claim and determine who is at fault. We provide caring and diligent legal service so you can focus on recovering from your injuries and moving on with your life.

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