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Bicycle Accident Lawyer New York

Bike Crash Lawyer in New York

New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured while riding a bicycle in New York, you may be entitled tocompensation. It’s important to speak to an experienced bicycle accident lawyer who isexperienced handling cases in the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Matt Haicken is an experienced New York bicycle accident lawyer.

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What Compensation is Available After a Bicycle Accident?

If a bicyclist is hit by a car in New York, the bicyclist is entitled to have medical bills paid for, upto the amount of $50,000. The bills would be paid for by the car insurance for the car that hitthe bicyclist, regardless of fault. This is covered under the car’s “no fault” portion of the carinsurance policy. All car insurance policies in New York are required to include this coverage.

How Does New York’s Serious Injury Threshold Affect Compensation?

If you want to get money for pain and suffering, you would have to prove that you meet NewYork’s draconian “serious injury threshold.” This is discussed in more detail on other parts ofthis website.

Hire a New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The LAW TEAM has successfully settled many bicycle accident cases. In one Brooklyn bicycleaccident case, a bicyclist was hit by a pluming company truck. The cyclist was on his way towork when the truck made a turn in right turn front of him. The case was initially rejected byanother firm because he thought it would not make the serious injury threshold. The clientended up settling for $175,000.

To see if your bicycle accident case qualifies for cash compensation, it is important to speakwith an experienced New York bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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