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I Got Rear Ended When I Was Stopped at a Light. I Went to the ER, and Was Given a Clean Bill of Health. How Much is That Case Worth?

This is a perfect case on liability. This means that in this scenario, the driver who rear ends the motorcyclist would be found 100% at fault. There is no comparative fault on behalf of the motorcyclist.

Insurance adjusters refer to these cases as “dollar one” cases. This means that the insurance company is on the hook for anything that happens from the first dollar spent. In a case like this, there is essentially just the inconvenience of going to the Emergency Room. If there are no broken bones, no MRIs showing spine damage, and no follow up medical treatment, the case does not have much value. Insurance companies usually pay for the ER visit, and then about $7,500 for these cases.

Prior results do not guarantee a future outcome. Your New York motorcycle accident case could be worth less than $7,500 or it could be worth significantly more. The above analysis is only to give you a rough idea about how much certain cases are generally worth. The best way to maximize the value of your case and make sure you get every penny you deserve, it is imperative to talk to an experienced New York motorcycle accident lawyer.

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