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Haicken Law Recovers 100k From Liberty Mutual Insurance

The LAW TEAM secured a $100,000 settlement for a 12-year old Brooklyn child who was hit by a car while riding his scooter. The child sustained a compound tibia/fibula fracture that necessitated emergency surgery. The at fault driver, insured by Progressive, had only $50,000 of insurance. Due to the severity of the injury, and the reputation of LAW TEAM personal injury trial attorney Matthew Haicken, Progressive offered the full amount of their policy within days of the accident.

This is when the hard work started. In any car accident case, it is imperative that a search be conducted for any and all available insurance.

Our investigation revealed that the child’s father had car insurance with a $100,000 limit of Supplemental Underinsured Motorist coverage. This meant that any “resident relative” should have been able to avail themself of this coverage.

The child lived in New York with his mother, and the father lived in New Jersey. Under the terms of the divorce decree, the child spent only every other weekend with his dad.

The question then became – does every other weekend count as a “resident?” We argued it does!

Liberty mutual caved and agree to pay their share. They had to pay their policy limit MINUS the amount already paid by Progressive. (100-50=50). So, Liberty Mutual Insurance paid $50,000 as did Progressive Insurance, for a total settlement of $100,000.

The settlement represented the maximum amount of all available insurance coverage and was obtained within 4 months of the accident.

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