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Bronx Grocery Store Slip and Falls

Bronx grocery store slip and falls

We have represented many clients who were injured at Bronx grocery stores. The owners of these establishments are not responsible for any and every accident that happens on their property. They must have had notice of the hazardous condition, and it must have been foreseeable. It is important to speak with a knowledgeable Bronx accident attorney as soon as possible after a slip and fall accident. We can help determine the best strategy to win your case and get you money for your injuries.

Common causes of grocery store accidents

Spills from broken containers

If a customer drops a bottle containing liquid, and then you slip and fall on this moments later, the grocery store is not responsible. The store must have had adequate notice of the spill. It has to be reasonable that the store would know about it.

What is a reasonable amount of time for a spill to be on the ground before a grocery store is liable?

That is ultimately a question for a jury. A jury would analyze many factors. Things that indicate a spill has been there for a long time are if the spill is sticky rather than slick, if there are footprints in and around the area of the spill, and if there are streaks of liquid flowing out from the puddle.

Leaks from malfunctioning freezers and refrigerators

Leaky refrigerators and freezers often cause hazardous conditions. Grocery store employees are legally bound to regularly inspect the floors to make sure that dangerous conditions have not crept up. In some cases based on leaks from refrigerators or freezers, grocery stores implead the company that was hired to maintain the broken appliance. Although store owners are ultimately responsible for the conditions of their floors, this is a way for them to shift blame on another party. These cases often involve complex insurance agreements between the stores and the companies whose job it is to maintain the stores’ appliances.

It’s important to get an experienced Bronx accident attorney involved at an early stage to make sure you are equipped to have a case against the grocery store and any other parties that may be liable for your injuries.

Accident cases in the Bronx

The Bronx court system is unique from other counties. There are county specific rules, and the rules change from judge to judge. When bringing an injury case in the Bronx, it’s important to hire a law firm that is in the Bronx every day. We have taken cases to trial in the Bronx, and we know the value of Bronx accident cases.

Once an accident happens in a grocery store, the store employees almost always tell their insurance company right away. That’s when the cover up begins. The insurance company immediately sends out a rapid response team to try to crush your case before it even starts. We know this because the lawyers at Haicken Law used to work for insurance companies.

As the insurance companies have their team working for them, it’s important that you get a team of your own. If you’ve been injured in a Bronx slip and fall accident, you shouldn’t have to fight the store’s insurance company alone. You should only be worried about recovering from your injuries. Let us deal with the insurance company. If you get a call form a claims adjuster, just tell them you have a lawyer. Speaking with an insurance company is a bad idea because in New York, they are legally allowed to record the conversation even without telling you. You could be tricked into saying something that could be held against you in court later.

We can help you build your case to get money for your injuries. The call is free, and there’s never a fee unless we win.

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