Harlem Slip and Fall Accidents


If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in Harlem, it’s important to speak with an experienced Harlem slip and fall accident lawyer.  As a lawyer with an office in Harlem, I have spent a lot of time in my neighborhood.  I’ve been into many local businesses and I’ve gotten to know the area well.  I’m in Harlem often, and can meet you at your home for a consultation, if you are not feeling well enough to come to my office on 152nd and Amsterdam.

Over the years, I have represented many Harlem residents who have been injured in slip and fall accidents.  One of the most common types of cases includes people who have slipped on wet floors in bodegas or corner stores.  The refrigerators and freezers in bodegas near my office, for instance, often seem to be in a state of malfunction.  Water seems to be constantly leaking onto the floor, creating a dangerous condition.  This condition creates a hazard, or danger.

Bodega owners have a duty to keep their floors in a reasonably safe condition.  By permitting their freezers to operate in a condition that creates a slip and fall hazard, bodega owners act in a manner that is considered legally to be negligent or careless.  If a customer slips and falls on a wet floor, a condition that has been caused or created by the negligence of the owner of the bodega, that person has a right to obtain money compensation from the bodega owner.  In most cases, the bodegas are insured and money compensation cane be obtained from the store’s owner.

Another type of common slip and fall injury is that which takes place on the sidewalk in front of an apartment building, bodega, bar, restaurant etc.  I have handled cases where people have fallen in the wintertime, on sidewalks that were hosed off by well meaning employees of bars and restaurants.  After hosing off the sidewalks, however, the employees neglected to realize that the water on the sidewalk would soon turn into ice, creating a slip and fall hazard.  If someone slips and falls and is injured in a situation like this, a jury would most likely find that a duty of care had been breached, and monetary compensation would most likely be awarded to the injured party.

For any Harlem slip and fall accident, it is important to speak with an experienced Harlem slip and fall accident lawyer right away.

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