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Haicken Law is a firm dedicated to representing individuals who have been harmed.

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Haicken Law announces a settlement of $750,000 for an injured construction worker.

 My client sustained a herniated disc in his neck after a 40-pound piece of sheetrock was accidentally dropped on him.  Even though he only missed three days of work after the accident, he ultimately required a 2 level cervical fusion with an autograft, where part of his hip bone was used to shore up the fused vertebrae. 
At the construction site where this accident occurred, the workers were forced to work at different levels on a scaffold without having proper safety devices.  There was no netting between levels, and the sheetrock was hoisted from person to person by hand, with nothing in place to prevent an accident. 
Holding negligent construction companies accountable is a large part of the work done every day at Haicken Law.  If you or a loved has been injured at a construction site, please call Haicken Law at 212-LAW-TEAM (212-529-8326).